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AI Online Learning Modules
Liz Mellish's Appreciative Inquiry Learning Modules website are a world first one stop shop of ideas, process methods and materials to support people in change. You get access to five online learning modules with up to the minute case studies and practical examples to apply the method in a variety of organisational settings including schools, government agencies, community organisations and corporate environments. You will build on and extend your facilitation, consulting, leadership and learning skills in a fun and focussed way! Each module takes between two and ten hours to complete depending on your level of exposure. You have 12 months access to contact with Liz Mellish and her module specific answers to Frequently Asked Questions

AI Practitioner Journal and Resource Center by Anne Radford (Ai Practitioner)
Anne Radford's website houses many resources and links to other AI material as well as contacts in Europe. At the AI Practitioner (AIP) website, visitors can download opening articles in recent AIP issues, see a full listing of topics and articles, as well as buy a subscription to the AI Practitioner journal. A must-visit site for anyone interested in the best of Appreciative Inquiry.

AiPhilanthropy for Positive Change
The Alliance Inspiring Philanthropy for Positive Change is a new civil society initiative exploring ways to energize Philanthropy (all gifts of talent, time and money) to build Community in the San Diego Region. AiPhilanthropy is a dynamic, diverse group of women who are investing their professional expertise, time and money to engage the community in appreciate inquiry and other generative practices that build social capital, civil society and confidence.

AL - Appreciative Living
Appreciative Living is actively applying the principles of Appreciative Inquiry in personal life. This site contains articles, stories, sample questions, links, book sales, workshop information, and more to help apply AI individually.

Appreciative Inquiry - Canada
This website is a connecting point for people and organizations involved with AI in Canada.

Appreciative Inquiry Annotations
AI Annotatinos is a blog (weblog for the uninitiated) dedicated to the exchange of ideas and experiences of those on the "journey of exploration and collective understanding of Appreciative Inquiry." The blog is written by the partners of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting and covers a variety of topics, including bullying, change management, sustainability, business as an agent of world benefit, and more.

Appreciative Inquiry at the University of Virginia (Positive stories-those teaching and patient care)
We gather positive stories-those teaching and patient care occasions when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. From these stories we discover what matters to teachers and students, healers and patients, attendings and residents, hospital staff and management. The elements of these stories can be arranged into groups of themes, and the themes are imbued with professional values. The matrix of values, community, self-awareness, empathy, and joy works more like a kaleidoscope than a multivariate equation, and in that sense AI is revelatory and unpredictable. The process is hard to quantify but easy to feel. From discovery we move on to institutional change, but not top-down administrative mandate or bottom-up rabble rousing, rather an inside-out process that informs professional life, reframes and enriches conversation, and brings people together. We talk about the ripple effect of AI, but it does deeper than that. To use a biological metaphor: AI is freely diffusible across all departmental and divisional barriers. To achieve institutional transformation and reach AI equilibrium, AI initiatives in UME, GME, employee relations, and patient care are underway.

Appreciative Inquiry Consulting
This is the website in progress of an exciting new Appreciative Inquiry consultancy open to all who share its Purpose and Principles. Visit the website to learn more about how you can become a part of the positive revolution in change which AI promotes.

Appreciative Inquiry Consulting Japan
Website in Japanese provides resources and assistance in learning about Appreciative Inquiry.

Appreciative Inquiry in the Catholic Church
The Catholic Church has embraced Appreciative Inquiry in many settings. This website introduces you to a few of them.

Appreciative Inquiry Online Workshops and AI Learning & Consulting Tools
OvationNet is the result of a close collaboration between David Cooperrider and the founders of iCohere, Pascal Kaplan and Soren Kaplan. The goal of OvationNet is simple: to provide consultants, change agents and organizations with leading edge capabilities in Appreciative Inquiry that advance AI practice in the field. OvationNet makes available tools and resources that harness the power of online learning and web community technology in ways that support individual, group, organizational and whole system change processes.

Appreciative Inquiry Products-- By Lakeshore Communications
A website sharing Appreciative Products being published by Lakeshore Communications. This site gives a graphical picture of the 4-D Model as compared to the movement of the ocean and gives a synopsis of the cycle as explained by the authors. The visual analogy of the ocean and its various states tie in creatively with the 4-D process... i.e. an organization applying the 4-D model is sure to be on the move, like the constant surge and tides of a massive ocean.

Appreciative Inquiry Resources by Gervase Bushe
This is the homesite of Dr. Gervase Bushe. This site has links to on-line articles about Appreciative Inquiry. Dr. Bushe is on the Faculty of Business Administration Simon Fraser University , Vancouver, Canada . A leading Organization Development scholar in Canada, Dr. Bushe's work on organizational change is cited in all contemporary organization development textbooks. Over the years his research has looked at processes of organizational change, leadership, the implementation of quality of work life, total quality management, organizational redesign and the development of empowered organizations as well as the characteristics and competencies of change agents and methods of change agentry.

Appreciative Inquiry Team Diagnostic
Created an Appreciative Inquiry founded Team diagnostic based on a review of major thought leaders’ theories, studies and findings in the areas of: Positive Psychology,Appreciative Inquiry, Teams, Leadership, Productivity and Relationship Coaching. This led to the creation of The Team Compass. The Team Compass uses an innovative diagnostic tool to evaluate the level of Positivity and Productivity on a team, using the team's own experience of its relationship. There are 7 core competence areas, called Compass Points, in Positivity and in Productivity. With Team Compass results in hand, it is easier to work with a company's leadership team to custom design a series of team coaching sessions that will lead to growth in the weaker Compass Points and reinforce the team's underlying strengths.

The website for AI Pioneers Jane Magrudert Watkins, Ralph Kelly and an international group of associates. Jane has practiced OD since the 1960's and has worked closely with David Cooperrider since 1984 in developing and innovating the practice and application of Appreciative Inquiry. AI is a perspective and philosophy we work to embed in organizations the organization is innovative, flexioble and adapts rapidly to the emerging possibilities which come with increasing rapidity. We count ourselves successful as consultants when you say to us, "Thanks for being our teachers. Now we can move forward on our own."

Appreciative Strategic Planning at World Vision USA
Jindra Cekan, PhD used Appreciative Inquiry for a World Vision US strategic planning process. Appreciative Inquiry was used in four ways in conducting this planning; in framing questions, in ensuring each activity built on past success, in dreaming about desired futures and in using its principles during the process of the retreat.

Appreciative Team Building
Rather than repair deficits, Appreciative Team Building expands what already works. Through examining your moments of greatest success, you'll discover your team's unique combination of talents — your positive core. With these strengths as a guide you'll dream your ideal team, then design and implement specific ways to sustain more cohesiveness, creativity, shared meaning and productivity. In appreciative teams pride becomes contagious; trust and engagement grow. We invite you to explore our site to learn how Appreciative Team Building can produce breakthrough results for your team.

Axiom News
A Passion for Organizations that Make a Difference We believe the organizations we all work for, and access goods and services through, are the best vehicle for making a difference and finding fulfilling, meaningful work. As practitioners of the journalistic arts we are passionate about helping organizations unlock the power of their stories to bring hope alive and create constructive change. Our Mission To publish news, on behalf of organizations, that catalyzes meaningful contribution. Our Core Values Social Contribution – We make as great a social contribution as possible while ensuring the sustainability of our activities and mission. A focus on contribution is our approach to organizational and personal development. Personal Responsibility – Each member of our team works to make sustainable choices for their personal, physical and social health, and of the communities in which we live and work. Grassroots Solutions – As organizations become more complex, access to constructive and useful information is increasingly in demand. Given the right information, people are able to self-organize and together address their organization's mandate. People have a right to own and solve their problems and create the solutions. Accessibility – Being accessible to all organizations means working to create services that are both effective and affordable to organizations of all sizes. All organizations access our services at the same rates regardless of sector, size or wealth. Accessibility also means rapid response to calls and inquiries, using accessible language in our stories and conversations, and ensuring physical access to our gatherings is available to all participants. Telephone: 705-741-4421 ext. 27 Toll-free: 800-294-0051 ext. 27 e-mail: follow us on twitter: sign up for our e-news:

Balance Consultancy B.V.
Balance is active in the field of Change Management, HRM and HRD consultancy and works according to the AI ideas. The website is both in Dutch and English and contains an introduction into AI.

Center for Appreciative Inquiry
The Center for Appreciative Inquiry and Company of Experts have developed their training and coaching programs for immediate and long-term impact, focusing on changing workplace practices rather than trying to change people. Our approach revolves around a simple idea: building upon the organization’s strengths – by providing skills and confidence to the Stakeholders to develop a framework for planning and implementing change and developing energy for that change. One of the fundamentals of our success is utilizing the existing talents and resources of the organization to enhance customer satisfaction, business goals, and stakeholder engagement. We are committed to providing the expertise necessary to help organizations achieve their success and retention goals while reducing their training and operational costs. We have a series of recommendations that organizations may choose from based on time and financial opportunities that drive the organization through to its vision.

Clergy Leadership Institute (AI link at Clergy Leadership Institute) (Main Site)
TThe Clergy Leadership Institute's mission is to integrate theological reflection with positive organizational psychology in our training and coaching of clergy for ministry effectiveness. Resources for using appreciative inquiry in a variety of church contexts such as, strategic planning, appreciative coaching, leadership development, interim ministry, ministry review and training schedules are available at the site.

A.I consulting in Chile (spanish)

Congregational Development Resources Website
You are welcome to make use of the resources provided in this section of the Congregational Development Resources Website for training, planning and consulting purposes, with the understanding that you will: - Not offer them for sale - Not include them in another form (book, article, etc.) without specific permission - Copy it as provided with all content, including any diagrams - Include copy write information as provided on the page. This site has an AI description by Kendy Rossi who uses AI with churches.

Corporation for Positive Change
The Corporation for Positive Change can dramatically transform your organization. Our cadre of highly creative AI consultants' proven excellence in change management, leadership development, strategic planning, team building, and culture transformation also brings outstanding results through Appreciative Inquiry workshops, books, and keynotes.

HRO Summit Web Page (Videos from other Navy Summits)
A record of the AI Summit conducted in January 2004 by the Human Resources Office on the Commander, Navy Region Northwest

IISD: International Institute of Sustainable Development
Beyond problem analysis: Using appreciative inquiry to design and deliver environmental, gender equity and private sector development projects. This site tells the story of a project to build capacity with the use of appreciative inquiry within a network of 11 non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Images and Voices of Hope
Images and Voices of Hope is an international conversation about the impact of images and stories on people, families, communities, cultures and the world.

Imagine Chicago
A comprehensive website on Imagine Chicago's history and work. Includes case studies, and downloadable training manuals and curriculum from key programs including grassroots leadership development and parent literacy development. IMAGINE CHICAGO is a non profit organization that works with individuals and community-based organizations -- schools, churches, block clubs, museums, community groups -- to build a vital city-wide network for the development of Chicago's future.

Imagine Nepal
An Initiative For Creating and Nurturing a Positive Future A Positive Vision of Nepal Most Nepalese and Nepal observers would agree that Nepal faces an unprecedented challenge-to transform society and make far-reaching constitutional, legal, social, political, economic, and administrative reforms that international experience shows are the single most important response to a national-wide Maoist insurgency. Facing this challenge, most people seem to feel helpless and hopeless-frustrated and depressed at their apparent incapacity to influence anything, distrusting of others, and despairing about the prospects for positive change and peace. Many have become de-sensitized and traumatized by the violent conflict. Conventional development teaches us to look for solutions by analyzing problems and their causes. Yet, focusing on problems, and asking questions about what's wrong, tends to reveal more problems. What is hard in a problem-focused approach is to raise one's energy above the negativity and frustration of dealing endlessly with problems, to a higher, positive, more inspiring level. So, is there an alternative way forward? Indeed, since the early nineties, an unconventional approach has been gaining ground globally, and in Nepal in an expanding network of NGOs, community groups, and government agencies. Popularly known as "Appreciative Inquiry" (AI), it has been found a powerful tool in transforming communities, programs, and especially large organizations. Using the appreciative and analytical AI method, people systematically discover "best practice" success stories-what happened, how, and why. From that higher-level reality, participants develop shared visions, or dreams, for the future, and design and implement strategies for reaching those visions based on replicating the lessons of success. In the words of AI's founder, Professor David Cooperrider, AI liberates the "positive, life-giving core" in human society and, in so doing, unloks people's transformational energy and capacity to shape and co-construct new realities. IMAGINE Nepal is an initiative of Nepalese AL practitioners inspired by other "IMAGINE" movements in the world. Its vision is one in which Nepalis rediscover the full positive potential of their "life-giving core", and unite to transform Nepal into a socially equitable, peaceful, and prosperious country in which Nepalese of every caste, ethnicity, and district participate and share with mutual trust, respect, and appreciation, equal rights, and equitable livelihood opportunity.

Innovation Partners International
imagine. exceptional. success. Is your company reaching its full potential? Is it a life-enriching environment for you and your employees that offers exceptional and sustainable results that contribute in a meaningful way to society? Would you like it to be? Using a unique and highly inclusive approach to whole-system organizational change called Appreciative Inquiry, Innovation Partners International works with corporations, government departments and not-for-profit agencies that need assistance either overcoming complex challenges or reaching a new level of excellence. Visit our website: check out our business consulting, training, and presentation services; get acquainted with our ten partners from Rhode Island, Maine, Washington DC, and Ottawa Canada; subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, and download our published articles. We're your partners in innovation.

Inquérito Apreciativo

Mellish and Associates Consulting Group
Liz Mellish has created a website for her consulting group that captures many resources for Appreciative Inquiry including articles, books, and case studies. Site highlights include an online summary of the case study with a university that appears in the book Lessons From the Field and an article by Liz Mellish on appreciative consulting.

Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN)
AI is used for positive societal transformation in Nepal. NAINN has been fecilitating to form Imagine initiatives(IIs)and 5 regional networks in Nepal. We have 27 IIs so far. AI is being used in grass roots efforts so that everyone will be ready to have a societal transformation.

OD Network of Minnesota
This site includes a full page of links to many different kinds of resources from AI, Org. Theory, Future Search, Dialogue, Diversity, Emotional Intelligence, Family Business, Fun at Work, Leadership, Learning Organizations.

OvationNet - Offering Online Workshops and Webinars (AI Community of Practice)
Join David Cooperrider in an interactive workshop that provides the foundations of Appreciative Inquiry. In this OvationNet online venue, learn the theory, best practices and next practices of engaging groups and organizations in the AI process.

Paradigm Shift Studio, LLC
PSS is a leading edge consulting practice providing expertise and guidance to nonprofit organizations, educational / community systems and businesses. Paradigm Shift Studio offers a positive approach to personal and organizational development assisting clients in achieving their specific goals. Using David Cooperrider's methodology of "Appreciative Inquiry." Paradigm Shift Studio facilitates a cooperative search for the best in people, the best in their organizations, and the best in the world around us.

QUEST with Jim Lord (Workshops)
This website links to several of the classic AI articles on-line and has several sections of quotes to inspire us as we move forward with our journeys.

SIKT, Scandinavian Institute for Creative Thinking
SIKT website presents an overview and short description of thinking tools and current seminars. The organization SIKT develops and brings about thinking tools for strategic thinking and OD with and underlying AI approach. SIKT facilitates leadership in generating creative business ideas and turning them into action.

Storm Dream
Website by a Finnish firm with a magnificent career design tool called Storm Dream, which is fully based on AI.

Thailand Appreciative Inquiry Network
Thailand Appreciative Inquiry Network is the first AI website in Thai language. It offers article about AI in Thai, news, annoucement, AI interviews. It is used as a center for AI practitioners in Thailand.

The Appreciative Inquiry Network
Australian Portal for Appreciative Inquiry Practitioners and Appreciative Inquiry news and information.

The Begeistring Community
This is the home of "Begeistring Community - The European Network around Appreciative Inquiry and Strength Based Change"

The OD Network
This site offers a full range of organization development resources and workshops. See: for a special edition of the OD Practitioner journal dedicated to Appreciative Inquiry.

The Positive Engagement Blog
The Positive Engagement newsletter, written by AI practitioners in Manchester, UK, brings you articles, practical tips, book reviews and resources about Appreciative Inquiry, employee engagement, and related fields.

The Taos Institute
The Taos Institute is a pueblo, or community, of scholars and practitioners working to explore, extend and share the view that through human relationships we construct our realities, moralities, and aspirations. The Taos Institute was one of the first institutions to offer workshops and learning opportunities in Appreciative Inquiry. The workshop offerings have grown over the years and now offer something for everyone. Taos Institute Publishing sponsors the Focus Book series. Visit the website to view the list of titles.

The United Religions Initiative
The United Religions Initiative is a growing global community dedicated to building cultures of peace and justice to serve a better future for the Earth Community. The URI has been a vision and an invitation. The vision has been of unprecedented cooperation for global good among the people of the world's religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions. The invitation has been to all people all over the world to act together to make this vision real.

The US Navy Center for Executive Education: A website describing a bold leadership initiative.
The Leadership Summit: Bold and Enlightened Naval Leaders at Every Level Forging an Empowered Culture of Excellence. The Leadership Summit at the US Navy is an application of a new way to view and lead large-scale change called a Large Group Intervention (LGI). Combining LGIs with the positive change approach of Appreciative Inquiry yields a dynamic summit process for rapid, collaborative change. Hence, the Leadership Summit is aimed at leadership improvement and our Navy's system of leadership development, utilizing an LGI with Appreciative Inquiry to quickly get to decision points with input from all stakeholders. This website describes this initiative and has many resources and links to Appreciative Inquiry and how it is being utilized at the Navy.

Thin Book Publishing
Welcome! We are dedicated to providing you with easy to read books that deliver information about how organizations work. Lessons From the Field: Applying Appreciative Inquiry, the first fieldbook of case studies on AI is available for shipping! This book was out of print for about a year but a revised edition is now available. NEW BOOK AVAILABLE Problem to Solution is now ready for you to order. This is a good basic book on Brief Therapy, which is sort of a first cousin to Appreciative Inquiry.

Thoth Training and consulting
Site in Dutch (and English) with some information on AI, links and a portal to an AI-network forum

Værdsættende samtale
Værdsættende Samtale er en særlig udviklingsform, der gør en organisation i stand til selv at forbedre sit arbejdsmiljø og virkeevne. Denne portal sigter mod at skabe forbindelser mellem mennesker der interesserer sig for Værdsættende samtale.

Vision St. Louis Park
This is an interactive website about our city-wide AI vision process to involve all (if possible) 88,000 residents and workers. We are in the interview phase. The summit will take place in February.

Waarderend Organiseren is practical blog on appreciative inquiry and customer engagement

Watkins & Kelly, Appreciative Inquiry Unlimited
Appreciative Inquiry Unlimited is a global consultancy partnering with people to create healthy, hopeful and adaptive organizations and communities that live and work creatively in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Website for Creative Edge & Lia Bosch in Canada
Canadian source for Appreciative Inquiry books and consulting. Links and resources also available for AI articles published by Lia Bosch and colleauges. Includes a link for AI practitioners in Calgary.

Website of Walter Bruck
Homepage of Walter Bruck, a German consultant who specializes in Appreciative Inquiry. His homepage links you to various AI resources.

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