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High Hope in the Himalayas:
A 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Her Work With Appreciative Inquiry

This current commentary on AI is written by my son Daniel Cooperrider and his college friend Amit Kovoor. Their piece-- "High Hope in the Himalayas: A Positive Approach to Peace" is about the important role that Appreciative Inquiry has played in the life and leadership development of Chhing Lamu Sherpa, recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005.

Chhing Lamu Sherpa, has created an approach to peace and economic development called Appreciative Planning and Action--first introduced by a great colleague and international development specialist Mac Odell. In future commentaries we will go into the fuller story of AI in Nepal as we are preparing for an national summit on September 9-11, 2005.

Daniel and Amit are in Nepal as we speak, and as you will see in their poetic piece, they are inspired by the people, the culture, and the rich possiblities of AI in arenas of high conflict. Daniel and Amit are University of Chicago students doing an internship with an amazing team of AI colleagues in Kathmandu --people like Dhruba Acharyas, Buddhi Tamang, Ganapati Ojha, Hari Chandra Lamichhane, and Chandi Champagain. We will showcase their courageous and significant work in an upcoming piece.

View this commentary as an introduction to the work in Nepal and hear how Appreciative Inquiry helped strengthen the approach of this wonderful peace-builder and recent Nobel Prize nominee, Chhing Lamu Sherpa.

David Cooperrider

Read commentary by Daniel Cooperrider and Philip T. Kovoor

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