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Workshop (submitted by Maureen McKenna)

Toronto, AI Foundations Workshop
Igniting Innovation & Sustaining Positive Change
Sponsored by: Maureen McKenna

Dates: Sep 16, 2013 - Sep 19, 2013
Location: Toronto, Canada

Description: THE FOUNDATIONS WORKSHOP, is an experience-based model that prepares participants to work with AI in client systems and prepares consultants, organizational leaders and managers to use AI for working with organization change. The workshop is designed for those who want to get a solid grounding in the theory, concepts, and practice of Appreciative Inquiry – OD Practitioners, managers, HR professionals, organizational and community facilitators, who may work in private, governmental, education, charitable, communities, and not-for-profit organizations.
In addition to becoming familiar with tools for applying AI in organizations, workshop participants will:
• Receive support in actually practicing appreciative question construction, interviewing skills, topic identification, imaging the future, creating provocative propositions.
• Become familiar with multi-disciplinary principles, research and theory base of AI
• Develop their ability to apply the AI framework to a variety of OD interventions such as: Strategic Planning, Internal Auditing, Organizational Redesign, Mergers, Teambuilding, Evaluation, and Diversity.
• Learn how to introduce this strikingly different approach in ways congruent with AI philosophy
Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful process for energizing positive change in an organization's human, ecological and economic functioning. AI has been used very successfully with large system processes such as restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, and for relational processes such as union/management relationship, diversity as an asset, and preparing the workforce to shift from hierarchy to horizontal team based processes. AI is particularly useful in turbulent environments. Rather than just another technique, AI is presented as a radically innovative approach to the whole field of organization development.

Target Audience: All
Level of Difficulty: General
Fee: Yes

Contact Information:
Maureen McKenna
Innovation Works
Main Phone: 416 921 3204

Website Resources:
Innovation Works

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