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This section is for stories from AI practitioners about their work in the field. Less formal than cases, these are narratives from a variety of fields describing the people, places and circumstances of transformative change using AI and related change methodologies. These narratives can be published or unpublished. Please consider sharing your stories here.

Story Imagine Shaker: A community wide AI(2010)

Story Appreciative Inquiry Visioning Summit(2009)

Story Focusing on Strengths: ECE Can Lead the Way(2009)

Story Gathering the Stories: Excerpts from the AI Listserve(2005)

Story Kathmandu 2020(2004)

Story From Strength to Strength - Envisioning the Future of Federated Church(2003)

Story A Leap of Faith: Re-Discovering the Wonder-Full World of Education(2003)

Story A group poem of sharings from an AI interview(2002)

Tool Creating the Future We Want for the Bitter Root Valley (Feb 3, 2001)

Tool Improbable Pairs (Sep 1999)

Story Imagine Student Success(2005)
Anderson, S., McKenna, M., Watkins, J. M.

Case Study Barrett, F., Nystrom, D., Tripp, P., Zipsie, M. (2002, Mar 19). US Navy Leadership Summit - Summary Report. Monterey, CA: US Navy: Leadership Summit.

Story Using AI and Quality Tools for Strategic Planning in Non-Profit Human Service Agency(2009)
Bernard, Ed.D., G. R.

Story 21st Century A.I.(2008)
Buxton, M.

Story Under the Amate Tree(2005)
Buxton, M., Fuchs, B., Briggs, B.

Case Study Buxton, M., Fuchs, B., Zeitlin, P. M. (2005, Feb 2). Building Collective Engagement and Community Visions. Yoff, Senegal: Centre for Resources for the Emergence of Social Participation (CRESP).

Story Imagine Kartong -(2003)
Buxton, M.

Article Calabrese, R., Cohen, E. (2013). An appreciative inquiry into an urban drug court: Cultural transformation.. The Qualitative Report Vol. 18. 1-14

Tool EZ RED Newsletter (Dec 2004) Cannon, R. E.

Story Six Month Follow up on Appreciative Inquiry Process(2008)
Capela, S. T.

Story United Religions Initiative Comes of Age in Rio(2002)
Chaffee, P.

Working Paper Chapagain, C. P. (2005). Appreciative Inquiry for Building Human Capacities: An Innovative Approach for the New Millennium. Kathmandu, Nepal: Plan-International.

Story Compton High School AI initiative(2008)
Christie, C.

Story Mental Health Summits in Santa Cruz County(2003)
Comunelli, P.

Tool Appreciative Inquiry at Shaw High School - Proposal, Pictures and News Story (Sep 14, 2001) Cooperrider, D., Pratt, C.

Story Strengths for a Sustainable Community(2010)
Corbett, D.

Tool Mountain Summit: Creating a Positive Future for our Forests and Communities (Jun 2003) Corrigan, M., Holman, P., Wollan, O., Pinchot, G.

Story NJ Department of Human Services Initiates Cultural Shift By Using Appreciative Inquiry(2004)
Davy, J. M., Brown, G. L.

Case Study Derksen, M., Osborn, T. (2001, Jul 31). Creating an Organizational Culture of Choice at DTE Energy Services.

Article Easley, C. A. (2003). Appreciative Inquiry as Lever for Driving Social Change. National Black Catholic Congress: Online Presentation.

Story Sustaining AI Energy after Provocative Propositions(2013)
Erikson, L. N.

Case Study Feinson, M. J., Mohr, B. J. (2006, Sep 5). Gain without Pain: Improving Patient Safety, Patient Care and Employee Satisfaction through Appreciative Inquiry. Innovation Partners International

Story Appreciative Inquiry Applied To A Small Work Group: Focused on Building An Efficient and Effective Team(2010)
Figone, M. T.

Story Three Saturdays and a WOW! - An Imagine Boston Pilot Project(2005)
Finegold, M., Peterson, L., Holland, B. M., Canepa, G.

Story Storytelling with Children(2006)
Glaser, J. E.

Story AI in villages in Burkina Faso(2004)
Goudriaan, G.

Story From High Tech to Health – Shifting Sand and Shifting Paradigms(2011)
Guildner, K.

Story Seasoned Executive Hurdles Over an M&A Bump-in-the-Road(2011)
Guildner, K.

Tool Engaging young people with Appreciative Inquiry (2002) Harkin, K.

Story Nos Aruba 2025(2009)
Hazell, M., Shovelton, R.

Story AI Workshop with Palestinian teachers(2004)
Holman, P.

Story Introduction to AI (in an hour)(2001)
Holman, P.

Story An Appreciative Inquiry into Creative Expression(2005)
Ibrahim, D. A., Mercaldo, K., Sandvik, G.

Tool Tapping the Tree of Knowledge: Appreciative Exit Interviews With Employees Taking Early Retirement From State Government (Feb 3, 2004) Jacobson, E. A.

Tool Slideshows of Nepal and the 2009 AI Conference (Jan 20, 2010) James, S.

Story Expressing Dreams through Art(2002)
Judy, S.

Story AI with 400 people in Korea - a story of IT and AI(2006)
Kim, J.

Article Kinni, T. (2003, Aug 1). Exploit What You Do Best. Harvard Management Update Vol. 8. 6

Story Using AI to Improve the Quality of Work Life(2002)
Kolb, S. C., Johnson, N.

Tool Empowering Approaches to Understanding Empowerment (Oct 25, 2007) Kristien, d.

Story Watching the Process Work(2002)
Larsen, D.

Story Norwich City Council - Supporting a Vision(2010)
Loraine, S.

Story Hull City Council(2009)
Loraine, S.

Story A Vision for Walsall 2021 and Appreciative Inquiry(2007)
Loraine, S.

Story Creating a Vision with the West Midlands Fire Service(2007)
Loraine, S.

Story Ai with a College Board of Trustees(2003)
Lustig, P.

Story Appreciative Organisation Audit(1997)
Lustig, P.

Story Practicing Appreciative Inquiry in a Refugee Community: Celebrating Strengths and Promoting Civic Participation through Intergenerational Story Telling(2013)
Mahaffy, S.

Story Appreciative Aging(2011)
Mahaffy, S. G.

Article McCarthy, J., Polly, S. M. (2011, Feb). Applying Strengths and AI to Westin Hotels. AI Practitioner Vol. 13.

Story Assessing the Arts(2005)
McNichol, T.

Story Skeptics' Reactions to AI(2004)
McWaters, V.

Story The Creative Process(2009)
Meritt, M. S.

Article Michael, S. (2005, Apr 1). The promise of Appreciative Inquiry as an interview tool for field research. Development in Practice Vol. 15.

Story Creating Exceptional Partnerships(2008)
Mitchell, L. J., Barnes, J., Holmberg, L.

Article Mohr, B. J., Smith, E. J., Watkins, J. M. (2000). Appreciative inquiry and learning assessment. Journal of the Organization Development Network Vol. 32. 36-52

Article Morris, D. (2005, Jul). Gathering the Stories: Excerpts from the AI Listserve. From the AI Listserve.

Story Second National Summit of Imagine Initiatives of Nepal(2005)
Network, N. N.

Article Odell, M. (2005, Oct 8). Impacts Before Interventions. Self-published.

Case Study Odell, M. (2004, Mar). Women's Empowerment: The Role of Appreciative Planning and Action in Women’s Empowerment/WORTH.

Story Habitat for Humanity, Peace & Reconciliation, and Supporting...(2002)
Odell, M.

Tool Problem to Opportunity Exercise (Sep 2002) Odell, M.

Story From Riots to Empowerment(2004)
Odell, M. J.

Story Issues in Participatory Development: From Participatory Rural Appraisal to Appreciative Planning and Action(2002)
Odell, M. J.

Story AI at Capital College and Research Center, Kathmandu, Nepal(2001)
Ojha, G.

Story Navy Customer Relationship Management Summit(2002)
Olson, D. C., Alexander, C. D.

Story AI and Anti-Racism Training(2000)
Orlowski, D. L.

Story Non-Profit Board Retreat(2001)
Orr, B.


Story Positive Change in Health and Social Services in England(2004)
Radford, A., Radford, A.

Article Rees, L. (2012, May). A Participant’s Perspective: The Experience of an external stakeholder. AI Practitioner Vol. 14. 4

Story Writing on the Wall(2001)
Sacha, R.

Story Politics of Positive in Community Empowerment(2010)
Saha, S. K.

Story The Future of the 6th Form at Heathside School(2002)
Samuels, N.

Article San Martin, T., Calabrese, R. (2011, Jan 31). Empowering At-Risk Students Through Appreciative Inquiry. The International Journal of Educational Management Vol. 25.

Case Study Sanchez, C. W., Moscov, B., Haack, C., Meng, S., Nyland, S., Smith, L. (2003, Jul). Collective Chaordic Spirit. The Chaordic Commons

Story A Leap of Learning: Flourishing Canton(2006)
Schiller, M., Lemke, J.

Story The Case Story of Avon Mexico(1995)
Schiller, M.

Tool The Power of the Appreciative Story in Healthcare (2003) Schueler, J., Chief Learning Officer

Story Resources for Working with First Nations People(2005)
Scott, B.

Story Appreciative Inquiry at Blue Sky Catering(2012)
Scrivens, J.

Story Appreciative Inquiry at SA Mushrooms Part One - The Video - This fresh produce company is prospering in tough economic times because it is engaging and aligning the strengths of every staff member(2012)
Scrivens, J.

Story Reaching for the top: Campus summit participants create visions of excellence(2000)
Searle, T.

Book Senge, P. M., Kleiner, A., Roberts, C., Roth, G., Ross, R. (1999). The Dance of Change. Currency.

Story Strong Women(2009)
Silbert, J. H.

Case Study Smith, P., Threats, M., Rinehart, N., Miller, C. (2004, Sep). LEADING RAPID TURNAROUNDS IN “DEFICIENT” NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Denver, CO: Community Development Institute.

Story Green Innovation(2007)
Steinbach, J.

Story Creating Union Management Partnerships with AI(2005)
Steinbach, J.

Article Suchman, A. L., Williamson, P. R., Robbins, D. B., Cronin, J. C. (2002, Feb). Strategic Planning as Partnership Building: Engaging the Voice of the Community. AI Practitioner/Newsletter. 12-14

Case Study Szecsey, C., Skaggs, T. (2000, May). Images of A New Future: A Documentation on the Application of AI at Save the Children. Global Excellence in Management (GEM) and Save the Children US/ Philippines

Story A Much Appreciated Stumble(2003)
Szirom, T. J.

Story Imagine Nepal Initiative 2020 - Report(2003)
Tamang, B.

Story Appreciative Inquiry Applied in a Church Setting(2002)
ten Hove, J. B.

Story From Roots...To Wings(2009)
tiempo, j. g.

Story The Second National Summit of Imagine Initiatives of Nepal(2005)
Timalsina, P. R.

Story Social Services and AI(2003)
Trull, C. L.

Article Verma, N. (2011, Feb). Appreciative Leadership for Sustainable Development in India. AI Practitioner Vol. 13.

Story Creating a Culture of High School Success – From the Inside Out Appreciative Inquiry Student and Parent Interview Study(2007)
Wishnick, Y.

Case Study Wood, S. O., Faust, J. L. (2008). What Counts? What Matters?.


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