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Building a Positive, Creative Learning Environment
Lisa Dinga

Barrington Elementary
St. Louis, MO United States

Annotation: Barrington Elementary is an 11 year-old public school in growing suburban St. Louis, Missouri. It has a diverse student population with 49% Black, 46% White and 5% Asian and Hispanic students. Special Education students are mainstreamed into regular education classrooms. For example, playing basketball in PE, the children in wheel chairs score with 4’ basketball hoops while playing with (and against) other students scoring with regulation height basketball hoops. Barrington sets high standards for every student – helping each child reach “their” fullest potential. Their overall goal is to provide a nurturing environment, a strong academic and social foundation, the tools to communicate ideas effectively, and the skills to make responsible choices.

Online Resources:
Paradigm Shift Studio, LLC

Resource Files:
Barrington Case Study (doc )
Core Team Interview Guide (doc )
Outcomes (doc )
Summit Participant Packet (doc )
Barrington School Vision Statements from Summit (doc )

(submitted by Lisa Dinga)

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