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2004 AI Growth Summit Workbook (2004)
Sarah Patterson , David Cooperrider

A Leap of Faith: Re-Discovering the Wonder-Full World of Education (Nov 6, 2003)

A Leap of Learning: Flourishing Canton (Jun 2006)
Marge Schiller , Joyce Lemke

AI and Healthcare: Raising and Celebrating: Excellence, Learning, and Spirit in Healthcare (May 2003)

Appreciative Conference Session (2005)
Nick Heap ,

ASAE Social Responsibility Summit (May 2008)
David Cooperrider

Business as a Leader of Positive Change in Society (Mar 9, 2005)
Beth Waitkus

EPA/ORD Leadership Summit Slide Presentations (Jan 2003)

Grassroots Commitment to Addressing Budget Shortfalls (2003)
Amanda Trosten-Bloom , Lynn Pollard , Margaret Brown

Long Range Planning For a School: Imagine Lincoln (May 16, 2001)
Mac Odell

Management and Leadership at Every Level (Jan 19, 2005)
Celeste Asmar

Mountain Summit: Creating a Positive Future for our Forests and Communities (Jun 2003)
Mary Corrigan , Peggy Holman , Otis Wollan , Gifford Pinchot

ORD Leadership Summit Workbook (Jan 2003)

ORD Leadership Summit: Igniting Leadership at all Levels: ORD Working to Ensure the Earth's Vitality (Jan 2003)

Summit Design (Nov 23, 2002)
Gina Hinrichs

Summit for the Animals - Strategic Planning 02 (Apr 2002)
Bert Troughton

Sustainable Emergency Care through Innovative Partnerships (Jul 17, 2012)
Lee N Erikson

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Feb 1, 2005)
Susan Wood

The Tipping Point Conference: Youth and Schools as Agents of Community and World Benefit (Dec 2004)
Neil Samuels , Deborah Brown , Simon Warner Bore , Cathy Ward , Cynthia Haddock

UK Leap of Learning (Dec 11, 2004)
Neil David Samuels , Cathy Ward , Simon Bore-Warner , Debra Brown , Cynthia Haddock

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