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The Essentials of Appreciative Inquiry: A Roadmap for Creating Positive Futures
Author: Bernard Mohr , Jane Watkins

Publisher: Pegasus Communications, Inc.

Copyright 2002
ISBN: 1883823579
Pages: 12

Annotation: This volume in Pegasus Communications "Innovations in Management Series" introduces Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a highly adaptable philosophy and process for engaging people in building the organizations and world that they want to work and live in. By encouraging a broad range of stakeholders both within and outside the system to ask positive questions about peak experiences or successes, make shared meaning of the answers, and act on the responses, AI serves as a wellspring for transformational change. Bernard J. Mohr and Jane Magruder Watkins share stories of AI in action and give a detailed explanation of five processes that you can use to guide an appreciative inquiry in your workplace or community.

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